Wee Class (2-3 yrs old)

Big Class (3-6 yrs old)

School calendar
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Informational meeting

Friday September 29th 2017

6.30pm - 8pm

Parent's meetings:

Wee class and Big class 

Friday November 17th 2017

6.30pm to 7.30pm / 7.30pm to 9.pm

Parent's meeting: Cosmic class

Tuesday November 21st 2017

5.pm to 6.pm

Montessori Workshop

Saturday January 13th 2018

2pm to 5pm

Parent's meetings:

Wee class and Big class

Friday March 16th 2018

6.30pm to 7.30pm / 7.30pm to 9.pm

Parent's meeting: Cosmic class

Monday March 26 2018

5.pm to 6.pm

Parent meetings are organised for all parents, and for a better availability we ask you to come without your children.




Wednesday  January 24th 2018 - from 10 am to 1 pm

Friday May 4th 2018 - from 5.30 pm to 8 pm


The school will welcome parents and professionals interested in the Montessori pedagogy.

The school organises a number of events around Christmas, Carnival and the end of the year picnic.


All parents are invited to participate and welcome to contribute to the buffet.


Christmas Party
Friday December 22nd 2017 - 3.30pm
Carnival (see Galerie)
Friday February 16th 2018- 3.30pm
End of the year picnicFriday June 29th 2018 - at noon



Playschool and Cosmic plus : Every Wednesdays from 9am to noon

Forest school and Art : Every  Wednesdays from 2 pm to 5 pm


School holidays


Autumn Half Termfrom Friday October 20th 2017 (evening)
to Monday November 6 2017 (morning)
Christmas Holidaysfrom Friday December 22nd 2017 (evening)
to Monday January 8th 2018 (morning)
Winter Half Termfrom Friday February 16th 2018 (evening)
to Monday March 5th  2018 (morning)
Easter Holidays from Friday April 13th 2018 (evening)
to Monday April 30th 2018 (morning)
Summer Holidays
from Friday June 29th 2018 (after the picnic)


Bank holidays

Armistice Saturday November 11th 2017

Easter Monday

Labour Day 


Monday April 2nd 2018

Tuesday May 1st 2018

Tuesday May 8th 2018


AscensionThursday and Friday May 10th/11th 2018
PentecostMonday May 21st 2018