Wee Class (2-3 yrs old)

Big Class (3-6 yrs old)

Section: Curriculum



“The secret of success in education is found to lie in the right use of imagination in awakening interest, and the stimulation of seeds of interest already sown.”




German initiation, Gardening, Baking, Music, Cultures of the World, Art and Sports are the general workshops present through the school year on afternoon sessions.

The Theatre workshop is open to children of 5 years old.

German initiation workshop - since 2012

Following the principles of the "Cultures of the World" workshop, German-language speakers offer a sensorial introduction to the musicality of Goethe's language, through games, songs and handicrafts.


The workshop is open to children from the age of 2 onwards.



"A,B,C die Katze lief im Schnee"



The Gardening workshop

From their first day at school the children are immersed in nature.

In class, they care for the plants, water them, clean them, take away the dead leaves and cut off dry branches.

In the garden, they rake the autumn leaves and pick up the little branches broken off by the wind. They plant bulbs in the autumn and collect the last vegetable in the vegetable garden before winter.

They learn to distinguish weeds from other plants, which they care for all year round.

They familiarize themselves with the insects of the region and with the birds, which they feed during winter.

They keep up the flowerbeds in the playground and water them during the dry seasons. The first radishes are planted in the vegetable garden. The children plough, sow, cover with earth and delicately water.


Regularly through the week, a small group accompanied by a directress care, observe and work away in the vegetable garden.
Back in class, they share what they saw and did and what is still to be done.

The picking [harvesting] is done through the last weeks of June and the first weeks of September. The fruits and vegetables are admired then washed and finally shared for snack.

No chemical products are used.


The Pastry Workshop

A Pastry workshop is organised for children from 2 to 6 years old all year round.

It is a sensorial activity where children in a small group manipulate various textures, tastes and smells.

It is also a practical life activity in which they learn to master their coordination in cutting, pouring, mixing and measuring.

Finally it is primarily a social activity. The children work together on a common project so as to share it with the others at snack time.

The children prepare pastries from all over the world as well as the traditional cakes for Christmas, Epiphany and Easter.


 The Music Workshop

The Music Workshop is introduced to the children as they enter the Wee Class at 2 years old. In The Big Class, they meet in small groups once a week in the Music Room.

After a few exercises to worm up their vocal cords and their bodies, the children explore the musical instruments through games adapted to their age level. Listening, the quality of the musical touch and the sound produced, awareness of the movement, the expression are highlighted.

Games around the hand are presented to develop the children’s ability to hold and play the instruments.


They are also gradually introduced to the writing of music: from symbolic writing to the first musical notes.


 Though different types of music, the child learns to explore his creativity, his own movement and to control his body. It is a sensorial and global approach.

The instruments used are real traditional instruments from all over the world. Although simple to use they produce an excellent sound.


 Arts and Cultures of the World Workshop

In the Big Class, Arts and Culture are presented as a whole throughout the school year.

Every geographical area is first explored with the Montessori material. We discover its mythology, its children’s literature, its nursery rhymes, its rhythm and its language.
We taste its dishes, its textiles and its dance.

Then, when one observes a painting from one of its artists, the country seems less foreign to us: one dares to interpret, to feel the colours, the landscapes seem less obscure.

Life in the Arctic, charcoal

And rapidly, very rapidly one wants to start.
One is ready to use different materials and work with tools which one slowly and patiently master.

Sometimes one cannot stop, even when our work is finished, for we still want more or because we want to stay in this state of effervescent calmness.

So one continues on another sheet of paper, on another format or maybe with a piece of clay.


The Theatre Workshop: storytelling and mime (from 5 years old)

The workshop follows a Montessori language activity:

A mat is placed at the centre of the room; on the mat there are 3 small objects.

The child is asked to invent a story from these objects using them as characters.

The adult writes up the story ”word for word” as the child tells it.





Once the story is finished, the child listens to his creation and then becomes the director. He chooses children from the group as his characters and places them on stage. Then he returns with the rest of the group and the miming of his play can start!