Wee Class (2-3 yrs old)

Big Class (3-6 yrs old)

Section: Registration


Following a first contact by phone or email, an appointment on the school premises will be made with the parents and the child.


Documents to be provided for enrolment:

 - Identification (passport, card) and family booklet or birth certificate of the child.
 - A photocopy of the child's vaccination sheet.
 - An Insurance Certificate (French document called « Responsabilité Civile »).
 - The Enrolment Form filled, dated and signed.
 - Two ID photos of the child.


The child's integration:

Depending on his/her age and readiness, each child needs a period of adaptation. We do our best to respect this and require from the parents a certain amount of flexibility during the first days of school.


Morning Greeting:

The children are greeted in the hall by the directresses between 9 to 9.15am.
After that time, the child comes into the classroom by himself.